Value Assurance

Critical projects require a strategic value assessment to help organizations maximize the benefits/ objectives and actualize their social responsibility. We therefore provide extensive analysis on the strengths and weaknesses as it affects the realization of these critical projects to ensure that the promoters make informed project decisions.

Project Risk Management

At GGPC, we consider project risk planning and management is key/ critical success factor in the realization of projects. We assist our clients to identify potential project risks that may arise from uncertainties arising from deployment and selection of technology, economic environment, construction and operation risks and political risks around the business and coordinating the project to actualize its objectives despite the identified uncertainties. GGPC provides adequate risk management services from development, design and construction stages of a project while we manage the mitigation.

Pipeline Construction Management

We provide independent pipeline construction and execution plan and resources to ensure that the work is done safely to meet project specifications and objectives, carried out within set budget and delivered on time.

Flow Stations Construction Management

Flow stations form the most critical elements of an upstream production unit and at GGPC we provide an exhaustive strategy plan to ensure a cost effective construction management.

Provision of Project Management Supervision

We put together a team of specialists in order to bring our client’s project to actualization from concept to construction and commissioning stages according to set specifications and within budget.

Facilities Rehabilitations/Upgrade (Refineries and Depots Projects) Scope Definition, Engineering and Construction Management to Commissioning Supervision

We also provide project supervision for complex process such as refinery operations and depots to ensure that specified requirements from the engineering phase to commissioning, for rehabilitation and upgrade projects also.

Contract Engineering and Advisory Services

At GGPC, we realize that the fine prints in a contract require the strictest evaluation and interpretation to ensure that our clients do not run projects at a loss. We provide in-depth analysis of project schedules, milestones, cash flow impact on its profitability.

Human Resource Management and Training

  • Foundation Skills Training for Business Management Professionals
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Human Resource Audit by Biometrics Systems
  • Advance Leadership Management
  • Effective Audit Report Writing
  • Management Promotion Examination Preparation
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Budgeting
  • Cost Control and Financial Management

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Project Management

  • Value Assurance
  • Project Risk Management
  • Pipeline Construction Management
  • Flow Stations Construction Management
  • Provision of Project Management Supervision
  • Facilities Rehabilitations/Upgrade (Refineries and Depots Projects) Scope Definition, Engineering and Construction Management to Commissioning Supervision
  • Contract Engineering and Advisory Services

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Pipeline Systems

  • Development of Pipeline Integrity Management System
  • Pipeline System Performance and Logistics Study
  • Pipeline Integrity Audit
  • Corrosion Survey
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Failure investigation
  • Pipeline ROW Inspection & Rehabilitation
  • Pipeline Pigging & Maintenance Planning
  • Leak Repair & Rehabilitation
  • Pipeline Operations and Maintenance Training

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Environmental and Safety/Risk Management

  • Safety Audits
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Risk Assessments

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Gas Development Studies

  • Gas Market Development
  • Gas Pricing Model
  • LPG Refilling and Distribution
  • Gas Plant Technical and Energy Audit
  • Gas Plant Commercial Performance Reviews

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Stakeholder Engagement Management

  • MOU Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Mitigation Management

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Technical and Commercial Intermediation

  • Facility Inspection
  • Due Diligence Studies
  • Operation & Maintenance of Boilers and Auxiliaries
  • Onshore Pipeline Facilities – Design, Construction and Operations
  • Advance Process Control & Instrumentation
  • Building Refinery Operational Excellence
  • Refining For Non Technical People
  • Process Engineering Techniques for Supporting Refinery Operations
  • Understanding Reformer Unit Operations
  • Refinery FCCU Operations Management
  • Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting
  • Refinery Technical, Energy and Waste Management Audit
  • Refinery Safety Audit
  • Refinery Commercial Performance Reviews
  • Refinery Crude Selection Studies for Margin Improvement Without Configuration Change
  • Refinery Configuration Reviews for Low Cost Short Time Upgrades
  • Refinery Operations Strategy Advisory for Improved Capacity Utilization and Operational Reliability
  • Refinery Expansion and Debottlenecking Conceptual Studies

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